[Agora Object] L 118: Lamp

On rim, three raised leaves on either side, ending in trident-shaped ornament near nozzle. On discus, large and small figures on the back of an animal; three oil holes irregularly placed; design indistinct ... 22 June 1931


[Agora Object] L 227: Lamp

On rim, double row of concentric circles; somewhat defaced. On discus, seated lion, facing right; two oil holes. Handle, plain, narrow. Nozzle, plain, with channel to neck. On reverse, single circular ... 29 July 1931

[Agora Object] L 395: Lamp

Top of handle broken away. On rim, vine pattern; slopes upward toward center. Discus extremely small; plain; with central filling hole. Nozzle long; with channel to discus and air hole. Handle pierced, ... 29 February 1932

[Agora Object] L 573: Lamp

On rim, herringbone. On discus, rays with central filling hole. Handle solid; double grooved. Nozzle, plain, rounded. On bottom, double oval grooves, with stamped circles below handle and nozzle; remains ... 28 April 1932