[Agora Object] MC 1107: Kiln Prop

Plain three-footed prop, a bit less carefully made than MC 1106. Traces of brown glaze. Pink clay buff at surface. Cut 54-66.50 m. from the west end of South Stoa II. Mass of fill at extreme N.E. corner ... 23 August 1966

[Agora Object] P 122: Kiln Firing Support: Tripod

Tips blackened on top by molten glaze. Cf. P 194. Nb. p. 637, #18. 637 Leica, 2-186 ... 22 July 1931

[Agora Object] P 194: Kiln Firing Support: Tripod

Tripod stilt; one foot missing, tips and parts of opposite surface blackened by molten glaze. Cf. P 122. Leica ... 1 February 1932

[Agora Object] P 204: Kiln Firing Support: Tripod

Triangular object. Tips raised above flattened center. Grayish-buff clay, unglazed. Surface. Leica ... 9 February 1932