[Agora Object] MC 707: Kiln Support

Chips missing from extremities. Marks of adhesion and traces of green glaze at the tips. Pale yellow clay. Usual Turkish type. Removed from container of miscellaneous finds. No context. Leica ... June 1947

[Agora Object] MC 859: Kiln Tripod

End of one leg broken away. Low tripod, roughly made. Remains of dark green glaze on the preserved tips. Pale greenish clay. Other similar kiln tripods in same tin. Middle Stoa, Building fill disturbed ... 9 March 1933

[Agora Object] MC 1102: Kiln Prop

Two legs only preserved. Reddish clay. ca. 80 cm. below surface Road cut 54-64 from west end of South Stoa II, layer I at the north, ca. 80 cm. below surface. 6857 Leica ... 12 July 1966

[Agora Object] MC 1106: Kiln Prop

Plain three-footed prop. Slight traces of brown glaze. Pink clay buff at surface. Cut 54-66.50 m. from the west end of South Stoa II. Mass of fill at extreme N.E. corner. 6933 Leica ... 23 August 1966