[Agora Object] L 15: Lamp

On rim, concentric grooves and beading; panels on sides. On discus, gladiatorial scene; two gladiators in full armor one to the right attacking with arm raised, with dagger; one to the left crouching ... 15 June 1931

[Agora Object] L 16: Lamp

On rim, herringbone; on discus, central filling hole. Handle solid, grooved. Nozzle with stamped circles inside. On bottom, almond-shaped grooves with five stamped circles. Unglazed. Red clay. Type XXVIII ... 15 June 1931


[Agora Object] L 17: Lamp Fragment

Body with angular profile, merging with rim which slopes upward toward central opening. Broad nozzle unbridged; straight sided with rounded end. No base. Hard black glaze inside and around edge of opening ... 15 June 1931


[Agora Notebook] Α-1

Mixed ... HAT, Talcott ... 1 199 ... 28 May 1931-23 June 1931