[Agora Object] P 18003: Black Glaze Skyphos Fragment with Graffito

The ring foot and start of the wall of a black glaze skyphos. The resting surface and the space inside the foot reserved, with central glazed circle and dot. Incised on the bottom: Brown 4th. c. fill ... 20 June 1947

[Agora Object] P 18004: Ostrakon of Kydrokles Timokratous Kriothen

Fragment preserves foot, low stem, and center of floor of a black glazed kylix. Torus edge of foot, and conical space at top inside reserved. Two scraped lines around base of stem. Good glaze, somewhat ... 23 June 1947


[Agora Object] SS 10064: Stamped Amphora Handle: Thasian

Handle complete. Edges of stamp not struck; symbol, lamp(?), with letters around. Early Thasian. Brown 4th century B.C. fill with marble chips. Δι | κηκ̣[ράτης Φειδι]π̣πο(ς) Θασι( lamp ... 20 June 1947