[Agora Report] Section ΝΝ: 1947

Rodney S. Young ... Excavation continued in section ΝΝ with the aim of clearing the area for the new museum. Because of the unforeseen depth of filling, the area remained unfinished. Several features were dug and examined ... 10 Mar-3 Nov 1947

[Agora Object] P 18003: Black Glaze Skyphos Fragment with Graffito

The ring foot and start of the wall of a black glaze skyphos. The resting surface and the space inside the foot reserved, with central glazed circle and dot. Incised on the bottom: Brown 4th. c. fill ... 20 June 1947

[Agora Object] P 18004: Ostrakon of Kydrokles Timokratous Kriothen

Fragment preserves foot, low stem, and center of floor of a black glazed kylix. Torus edge of foot, and conical space at top inside reserved. Two scraped lines around base of stem. Good glaze, somewhat ... 23 June 1947


[Agora Object] SS 10064: Stamped Amphora Handle: Thasian

Handle complete. Edges of stamp not struck; symbol, lamp(?), with letters around. Early Thasian. Brown 4th century B.C. fill with marble chips. Δι | κηκ̣[ράτης Φειδι]π̣πο(ς) Θασι( lamp ... 20 June 1947


[Agora Notebook] ΝΝ-27

Finds ... 5203 5399 ... 1947