[Agora Publication] Agora X: Weights, Measures and Tokens

Lang, M. Crosby, M ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... The first part of this book deals with weights (14 bronze, 109-111 lead, 28 stone) and measures (75 dry, 28-31 liquid). Although humble objects, the detailed study of these everyday items provides archaeological ... 1964

[Agora Deposit] Q 7:3: Trench Behind Stoa Stylobate

Soft Trench behind Stoa Stylobate, opposite Piers 21 and 22, along W face of Shop front wall. Herulian destruction debris at the north end of the Stoa of Attalos. Coins: 20 February 1954 #1-#2 22 February ... Late 3rd c. A.D.


[Agora Image] Lead token.

Photo by Giannis Tzitzas for Mairi Gikaki Horizontal (normal) ... November 2016