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Gold Disk
Description of Tombs and Catalogue of Objects; The Tombs on the North Slope of the Aeropagus I-IV; Tomb II; Disturbed Tomb with Cist Grave
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2000.02.0358 (Slide Sheet: 05:15 Slide Set: 06:05)Group shot of gold fragments from Mycenaean Chamber Tomb: 7 thin gold discs, 12 gold fragments, 2 fragments of large rosette, 2 gold discs with rosette, 5 plain gold discs, large gold rosette, fragment of gold rosette, small scrap of gold, thin gold ornaments, 3 masses of thin gold ornaments, 5 small gold rosettes, 2 gold rosettes.  
N 21-22:1Tomb of the Ivory PyxidesMyc. III A:1