[Agora Deposit] A 18:4: Mycenaean Pit Grave West of House N

Mycenaean grave to west of House N, room 5, with the burial of two young children. Rough rectangular cutting in soft stereo (0.95x0.64x0.28), lying under the western wall of a Geometric house, contained ... Myc. III C:1


[Agora Deposit] A-B 18:1: Mycenaean Chamber Tomb

Mycenaean tomb: Myc. III A:1-2. SAI Small rectangular chamber, 2.30m wide by 1.80m deep,, entered from the east through a dromos 1.10m wide which contracted to a doorway 0.92m. wide. the doorway preserved ... 2nd half of 14th c.

[Agora Deposit] B 21:15: Pit

Called a Middle Helladic Well in the notebook ... Middle Helladic

[Agora Deposit] E-F 2-3:2: Fill

N-S Cut on 50m. line (area of Road, area of Stoa, area N of Stoa) various levels and dates over the three areas. Investigations to the northwest of the market square in the area of the road running out ... Prehistoric to Roman


[Agora Deposit] G 12:17: Inhumation of a Woman

Grave 16 in notebook. Length of shaft 1.81m; width 0.64m; depth from cover 0.54m. Skeleton of a woman , head at northwest end. Most of pots piled over feet and legs of skeleton at southeast end. An iron ... 750 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] G 12:18: Urn-Burial of an Infant

Grave 17 in notebook. No offerings. Amphora containing skeleton of small child was laid on its side in pit. RSY Lot Β 304 Fill over Grave 17 ... Early 6th century B.C (?)

[Agora Deposit] G 19:1: Pit

Middle Helladic Pit at NW corner of church of St. Athanasius Estimated Grid ... Middle Helladic

[Agora Deposit] G-H 11-12

G-H 11-12 was probably extended to G-I and is hereafter G-I 11-12. Asterisk: G-H 11-12*