[Agora Deposit] M 21:2: Tomb of the Bronzes

Mycenaean Chamber Tomb Burials ... Myc. III A:1-2

[Agora Deposit] M 21:3: Disturbed Chamber Tomb

Small Mycenaean Chamber Tomb ... Myc. III A:1-2


[Agora Deposit] N 7:2: Lily Bowl Grave

Mycenaean grave. Small pit grave (0.50m by 1.35m by 0.75m deep) containing the skeleton of an infant girl. Although a simple grave with a single interment, the pit was packed with gifts. These consisted ... No later than mid-15th c.


[Agora Deposit] N 21:5: Disturbed Tomb with Cist Grave

Mycenaean Small Chamber tomb. The cist measures 1,90m E to W, 0.75-0.90m N to S, max. depth -1.30m. Nothing was found in it; cleaned in modern times and used as a cesspool. Some of the SW part of it had ... Myc. IIIA, early 14th c.


[Agora Deposit] N 21-22:1: Tomb of the Ivory Pyxides

Mycenaean Chamber Tomb occupies a considerable part of the western half of section ΕΕ; lies about half way up the north slope of the Areopagus towards its eastern end, just below the highest point of the ... Myc. III A:1


[Agora Deposit] O 7:2: Small Chamber Tomb

Mycenaean Chamber Tomb. Only the bottom 0.10 to 0.20m of the chamber was preserved along with the partial skeletal remains of two or three occupants. The plan revealed a square chamber (1.80m by 1.80m), ... Myc. III A 1:2 (14th c.)


[Agora Deposit] O 7:3: Cist Grave in Σ

Mycenaean Burial. The cutting was roughly rectangular (1.60 by 0.50m) and was once covered with rough stone slabs, two of which were found over the body. The skeleton, presumably that of a man, lay in ... Myc. III A-B

[Agora Deposit] O 7:4: The Kylix Pit

Mycenaean Grave (grave with kylikes). Small irregular pit (about 0.70m by 0.45m by 0.50m deep). it was full of Mycenaean sherds and fragmentary pots, mostly kylikes, but also contained occasional scraps ... Mycenaean IIIB-C


[Agora Deposit] O 7:5: Tomb of the Niches

Mycenaean Chamber Tomb with niches. One of the few tombs found in the Agora that has an almost architectural regularity with squares chamber (1.75m wide by 2.10m deep) and axially centered dromos (4m long ... Myc. III A 1:2


[Agora Deposit] O 7:7: Small Chamber Tomb

Mycenaean Chamber Tomb. Although badly disturbed at various times in antiquity, it was clearly a chamber tomb with the chamber little more than a cubby-hole at the end of a steep dromos, entered at the ... Myc. III A-B

[Agora Deposit] O 7:14: Mycenaean Gully and Deposit in front of NE Stoa

Mycenaean Deposit (Gully) in front of NE Stoa (corrected from P 7:1). It consisted of a series of irregular pits, some gradually linked up with one another to form what seemed a natural gully. The largest ... Mycenaean IIIA-B