[Agora Object] L 1267: Lamp: Maker's Mark

The vertical handle, and the raised edge around the top missing. Two small holes by the nozzle. Inscribed in relief underneath. Type XVIII of Corinth collection, type 52C of Agora collection. Cf ... 13 February 1934


[Agora Object] L 1537: Lamp

Handle missing, otherwise complete. Ribs on the top; a knob on the left side. Glazed black. Type XVIII of Corinth collection, type 52C of Agora collection. Leica, LXIX-40 ... 7 May 1934

[Agora Object] L 3010: Lamp

Part of nozzle missing. Ribbed top; dolphin lug in relief on side. Inscribed beneath in relief. Traces of gray to black glaze, much peeled. Yellowish-buff clay. Type 52C of Agora collection, type XVIII ... 7 May 1937

[Agora Object] L 3120: Lamp

Intact except for chips. Small lamp with ribbed upper body and cornucopia-shaped lug. Flat top, surrounded by ridges. Dull black glaze much peeled. Type XVIII of Corinth collection, type 52C of Agora ... 15 June 1937

[Agora Object] L 3552: Lamp: Maker's Mark

The end of the nozzle, the handle, and the collar around the lamp broken away. Ribbed upper body. Poor glaze black to red. Signed underneath, the letters incised in the unbaked clay. Type XVIII of Corinth ... 22 February 1938


[Agora Object] L 3629: Mold for Upper Part of Lamp and Modern Cast

Intact. Clay mold for lamp with rays on curving rim, pointed nozzle; cornucopia on left side, a small circle at every point of triangular nozzle. On back of mold incised letters: "ΛΛ". Incisions for strings ... 15 November 1938

[Agora Object] L 4353: Lamp Fragment: Maker's Mark

Fragment from one side, with part of the reverse. Rays on the rim. The base slightly raised, concave beneath, the signature in relief. Red glaze. Light brownish clay. Type XVIII (post-Sullan) of Corinth ... 1947