[Corinth Report] 2013 Session 1, Team Pink, Final Summary

Mohammed Bhatti and Daniel P. Diffendale Team Pink, Session 1 Nezi Field Excavations Final Report N 1006 – 1018.00; E 261.01 – 271.28 1–25 April 2013 This is a final summary of the first season of excavation ... Daniel P. Diffendale Team ... Mohammed Bhatti and Daniel P. ... 1960s, Henry S. Robinson

[Corinth Report] 2009 Excavation summary

Katie Rask, Marty Wells ASCSA Corinth Excavations End of Season Report Blue Team North of Nezi The following is a summary of the excavations carried out in the area north of Nezi field during the 2009 ... 1961 (NB 229, p. 109) and ... 6th, 1961 (NB: p. 182), as ... p. 182 as a circular pit

[Corinth Report] Yellow Session Three Final Report

Yellow Third Session Report (Johanna Best) 2010 North of Nezi Introduction The following summarizes the results of excavation in the area directly north of the Byzantine House excavated in 1961, in ... the 10-11th century marble ... 11th – 12th century, this ... mid-11th century. As noted

[Corinth Report] Final Report - Green

This is the final report for the area excavated by the green team in Temple East – Southeast during the first session of excavation of 2014. Guy Sanders (director) and Jody Cundy (field director) supervised ... the road (NB 859, p. 122) ... south (NB 859, B14, 58; p. ... the 15th c. (ibid., p. 122)

[Corinth Report] Final Report Unit 2, Rooms 4 and 6. Session I 2015

Introduction: This is the final report for the first session of excavations in the 2015 season for Rooms 4 and 6 of Unit II in the area of Temple E SE. Room 4 was last excavated by A. Rohn in July and ... Snyder, Barnes, Zervos 1998, p. ... Snyder, Barnes, Zervos 1998, p. ... Barnes, Zervos 1998, p. 237).

[Corinth Report] Final Report on the Excavations for the ASCSA’s New Apotheke

This excavation was undertaken from May 30-August 13, 2016 in the area of the planned new apotheke of the ASCSA’s Corinth Excavations. As the excavation permit requires, the primary objective was to reach ... ranges from the 11th century ... half of the 11th century on ... half of the 11th century; as

[Corinth Report] End of 2nd session, 2009

Dreya Mihaloew, Katie Rask, Marty Wells ASCSA Corinth Excavations North of Nezi Session 2: April 27 – May 22, 2009 Session 2 excavations were carried out from April 27th to May 15th in the area north ... 229, p. 109) and designated ... directorship of Henry S. Robinson ... uncovering the 11th century levels

[Corinth Report] Yellow Session 2 Summary

We, Sarah Lima (SL), Mark Hammond (MH) and Kiersten Spongberg (KS) excavated North of Nezi between April 27, 2009 and May 15, 2009 (session II), focusing on the rooms bounded by walls 5483, 5403, 6027/6285/6300, ... 10th-11th) 3) wall 5519 caps the ... bonds with it (ca. 10th-11 ... 5631/5671/6245 (ca. 10th-11th century