[Agora Deposit] E 15:1: Well A

Well shaft cut through a cistern channel which was then packed with three amphorae (P 3123, P 3125, P 4201) of 1st or at latest early 2nd c. A.D. (These three amphorae could be considered with F 15:2) ... 3rd-4th c. A.D ... Upper fill to 5.50m.

[Agora Deposit] U 23:2: Well I in ΟΑ

Well I: archaic. On the northwest slope of the Acropolis below the Klepsydra. Diameter ca. 1.10m. Water level ca. -9.50m. Substantial use filling in the lower 0.75m. In the upper debris filling both the ... End of 6th c. B.C. - Early Byzantine ... Well I in ΟΑ

[Agora Deposit] I 13:1: Geometric Well beneath 4th c. Klepsydra Drain

Well beneath 4th c. Klepsydra Drain, within foundations of west end of the Middle Stoa. Diameter 0.90m, cut through bedrock, with handholes on sides. Top 4.50m. dumped fill; 4.50-6.15m. period of use ... Mid-8th c. B.C ... I 13:1 ... I 13:1

[Agora Deposit] I 4:2: Building Fill in ΒΓ

Fill against back wall foundations of Royal Stoa I/6,9-4/8,14. Dug separately, these many fills contain material which joined horizontally and vertically all along back wall of Royal Stoa. Fill seems to ... 2nd/3rd quarters of 5th c.-420s ... I 4:2 ... I 4:2


[Agora Deposit] I 5:5: Cist Tomb, adult inhumation

Grave 5. Adult (female?) inhumation. Cist grave lined and covered with slabs of limestone, sandstone and schist. Cut into virgin soil under Royal Stoa at I/12,13-5/3,4. Grave measures 1.79x0.39-0.49x ca ... Final Mycenaean/Submycenaean ... I 5:5 ... I 5:5

[Agora Deposit] I 17:3: Well

Digging terminated at 14.50m. due to falling bedrock. Scanty pottery remains at 10.00m. In the mouth and upper part of the shaft was a heavy dumped filling of much shattered fragments, for the most part ... Last quarter of 5th c. B.C ... I 17:3 ... I 17:3


[Agora Deposit] I 18:3: Simple Trench Cremation

(Grave XXX: EG) Rectangular cutting with burned bones of a female 40-45 years old, and both burned and unburned pottery fragments. Rectangular trench, measuring approximately 0.80m long, 0.40m wide, with ... Middle Geometric I ... I 18:3 ... I 18:3


[Agora Deposit] D 17:8: Sacrificial Pyre in Poros Building, Northwest Room

Sacrificial pyre in Poros Building, NW Room (RSY= Pyre 1). Against east wall of room 5 west. artifacts, bone, carbon and ash in pit in floor sequence. the pyre lay below a floor covered with marble dust, ... Middle of 4th c. B.C ... Hesperia 20 (1951), pp. 114-115, pl. 50 a (Pyre I).