[Corinth Report] Final Report - Green

This is the final report for the area excavated by the green team in Temple East – Southeast during the first session of excavation of 2014. Guy Sanders (director) and Jody Cundy (field director) supervised ... Temple E, Southeast excavations 2014, by Colin Whiting (April 7 - April 14)

[Corinth Report] Session 3 2013 White: Late Classical to Frankish Strata in NE Nezi Field

Alison Fields and Jessica Lamont Team White, Session 3 Nezi Field Excavations Interim Report Area 1: N-S 1016.05-1011.70, E-W 274.18-278.91 Area 2: N-S 1009.51-1005.94, E-W 278.90-271.47 May 27-June 14 ... Session 3 2013 White: Late Classical to Frankish Strata in NE Nezi Field

[Corinth Report] Final Report on the Excavations for the ASCSA’s New Apotheke

This excavation was undertaken from May 30-August 13, 2016 in the area of the planned new apotheke of the ASCSA’s Corinth Excavations. As the excavation permit requires, the primary objective was to reach ... of well-preserved pottery, ... .97 m. The fill of this ... undertaken from May 30-August 13,

[Corinth Report] First Session Summary

We, Stella Diakou and Cavan Concannon, from March 30 to April 16th, 2009, began excavation in the northwest area of Nezi Field. The corners of our excavation area are as follows: SW corner - E255.41 and ... pottery, mixed with 13th and ... 30 to April 16th, 2009, ... pottery in these deposits date

[Corinth Report] 2015 Session II, Corridor N of Church and Room 6

Wesley Bennett and Lucas Stephens Session II Temple E Southeast Excavations Corridor North of Church: 1075-1078.5 N, 121.5-129.5 E Room 6: 1077-1085 N, 116.85-120.7 E 04-22.05.2015 This is the summary ... m, and a depth of .64 m. ... , W .17 m). Pottery in the ... , complete W .30 m). The head was

[Corinth Report] Unit II, Room 6 and Room 8, Session I

Sarah Rous, Rebecca Worsham Session I Temple E Southeast Excavations N: 1087 N, S: 1075.25 N, E: 129 E, W: 116.5 E 6–25 April 2014 Introduction This is the final summary of the first session of excavation ... 13th c. by pottery, and ... pottery, and to ca. 1300 CE by ... (1076.94–1083.30N, 117.20–118.12E), the W

[Corinth Report] Sesssion 2, Nezi Field, Final Report

Nezi 2013 Season Session 2 Final Report Kyle Jazwa; Hilary Lehmann N 1011.50-1017.49; E 259.60-269.70 23 May 2013 This is the final report for the second session of excavation at Nezi, 2013. Guy Sanders ... dense mix of pottery, ... dimensions were 1.7 x 1.4 x .86 m. and its depth was 0.65 m.

[Corinth Report] Early Modern through Late Byzantine levels in Nezi Field

We, Joseph Lillywhite, Joel Rygorsky, Matthew Sears and Martin Wells, continued excavation in the entirety of Nezi Field from May 5 – June 13th, 2008. This report will summarize our own findings, while ... pottery, were stratigraphically ... length from 0.30-0.36m. with a ... with little pottery, was