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[Corinth Basket] NB175 B1 P48

Deposit 175 1 48 i-l:7-8 +1.15 to +0.15 m. Pottery Factory north of 4 pithoi ... 1938/02/28 ... NB175 B1 P48

[Corinth Basket] NB81 B29 P209

Deposit 81 29 209 Trench I, L VI L VI 1.00-1.20. There are still some Mycenaean sherds but not very many. Urfirnis I think predominates. Also some pieces of mattmalerei and I think I recognize 2 pieces ... LH III transitional to LH II ... NB81 B29 P209


[Corinth Basket] NB954 B56 P123

Deposit 954 56 123 Lot 2003-074 robbing trench fill hell frying pan 1 handle, cooking ware. (saved to lot) Agora M325 I handle, coarseware. pre roman 3 bs, fineware. unid red sl 1 bs, fineware. MWJ 1 ... 5th 6th century npd ... NB954 B56 P123