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[Agora Deposit] E 14:10: Well I

Abandoned digging at 12.85m. due to collapse of side walls. Well H contents probably thrown in to Well I during cleaning in early Roman times; the pottery from the two wells is similar. Cf. E 14:6 ... 350-250 B.C ... Well I

[Agora Deposit] O 20:3: Well at 67/ΛΓ

Well at 67/ΛΓ on the northeast slope of the Areopagus. Connected with the same cistern system as O 20:2. Dug as several fills but probably a continuous accumulation Coin 28 May 1938 #1 (?) Illegible N ... 300-250 B.C ... Hesperia Suppl. 47 (2013), p. 173 ... Hesperia 75 (2006), p. 367 ... Hesperia Suppl. 23 (1989), p. 70.


[Agora Deposit] R 18:1: Pyre

Small pit (in Layer I) = Grave ("Pyre") Identified as pyre by SIR. Pottery and burning ("pit filled with black") in pit slightly west of Panathenaic Road, dug into layer I (lot AA 180, much earlier 6th ... 275-250 B.C ... Agora XXIX, p. 471.