[Agora Object] G 246: Bottle Fragment

Rim, neck, handle and part of one side of square body preserved. Straight neck, flat projecting lip, wide grooved handle. Pale greenish glass. Moulded (?) Well, fill 5. Basket 63. 2nd c. A.D. (?) Leica ... 11 July 1946 ... G 246 ... G 246

[Corinth Object] C 1933 246g

C 1933 246g ... 246 ... g

[Corinth Object] C 1933 246e

C 1933 246e ... 246 ... e


[Corinth Object] Z 246: BOWL? ON RING FOOT, PLAIN

Shallow bowl fragment marked on its side near the base by the impression of a seal of circular form. The circular labyrinthine pattern of the seal is similar to that impressed on a fragment of terracotta ... explain. If it’s a potter's mark