[Corinth Report] Final Report on the Excavations for the ASCSA’s New Apotheke

This excavation was undertaken from May 30-August 13, 2016 in the area of the planned new apotheke of the ASCSA’s Corinth Excavations. As the excavation permit requires, the primary objective was to reach ... Corinthia | Ancient Corinth | New Apotheke: D. Kokolopoulos and E. Lambraki Field

[Corinth Report] Final Summary, Session I (Unit 2, Church Nave)

Maggie Beeler, Morgan Condell Session 1 Temple E, Southeast Excavations N-S 1074.64-1071.50; E-W 126.00-122.70 April 2014 This is the final summary of the first session of excavation in 2014 in the Temple ... Temple E, Southeast excavations 2014, by Maggie Beeler and Morgan T. Condell

[Corinth Report] Final Summary, Session I (NW Passage)

Stephanie Kimmey and Jennifer LaFleur Session 1 TESE Excavations, NW Passage N: 1073.00 N; S: 1058.07 N; E: 108.91 E; W: 94.00 E April 7-May 3, 2014 This is the final summary of excavation ... Temple E, Southeast

[Corinth Report] Unit II, Room 6 and Room 8, Session I

Sarah Rous, Rebecca Worsham Session I Temple E Southeast Excavations N: 1087 N, S: 1075.25 N, E: 129 E, W: 116.5 E 6–25 April 2014 Introduction This is the final summary of the first session of excavation ... Temple E, Southeast

[Corinth Report] Final Report - Green

This is the final report for the area excavated by the green team in Temple East – Southeast during the first session of excavation of 2014. Guy Sanders (director) and Jody Cundy (field director) supervised ... Temple E, Southeast


[Agora Report] Topographical Notes: Northeast Corner of the Agora

S. G. Miller ... Two monuments, a milestone and a large poros base, discovered during earlier excavations, are discussed in an attempt to understand their purpose, history and original location ... S. G. Miller

[Corinth Report] 2015 Session I, Late Byzantine - Early Frankish activity in Unit 2, Room 2 and Frankish fill in Unit 2, Room 9

Danielle Smotherman Temple E, Southeast Excavations Session I Unit 2, Room 2 N: 1066.50 N, S: 1065.00 N, E: 119.27 E, W: 116.57 E Unit 2, Room 9 N: 1086.73, S; 1079.10 N, E: 132.85 E, W: 126.83 E 21-28 ... Temple E, Southeast

[Corinth Report] Frankish Area: Unit 1, Courtyard, Northeast Corner

Temple E, Southeast Excavations 2017 Coordinates: N: 1043.270, S: 1039.866, E: 114.763, W: 109.937 This is the final summary report for work undertaken in the northeastern corner of the courtyard of Unit ... Temple E, Southeast