[Corinth Report] Nezi Field excavations 2008, by Jody Cundy and Megan Thompsen (April 7 - June 13): 1961 Byzantine House, Courtyard and Surrounding Rooms at Modern through Late Byzantine Levels

The following is a summary of excavations in three areas in North of Nezi: the courtyard of a Byzantine house, the room north of the courtyard, a room south west of the courtyard and a suite of rooms south ... 1027.85 to 1035.70 N and from 265.20 to 273.5 E. The room ... 262.00 to 266.00 E. The goal

[Corinth Report] Nezi Field excavations 2009, by Martin Wells, Katie Rask (June 17 - June 18): 2009 Excavation summary

Katie Rask, Marty Wells ASCSA Corinth Excavations End of Season Report Blue Team North of Nezi The following is a summary of the excavations carried out in the area north of Nezi field during the 2009 ... – 284.95; N: 1027.15 – ... bones (e.g., of fish, cats, ... dumps of roof tiles (e.g

[Corinth Report] Nezi Field excavations 2009, by Sarah Lima (May 25 - June 15): Final Report 2009 - rooms south of the courtyard of the Byzantine House, first phase of the Byz House

Sarah Lima Session 3 End of Season Report 15 June, 2009 Between the dates of May 25, 2009 and June 15, 2009 (Session III), our excavation team comprised of Sarah Lima (recorder), Panos Kakouros (pickman), ... (1027.24-1022.98 N, 281.50-277.62 E ... , 1027.70-1023.67 N); the “West Room” ... possibility of contamination (e.g

[Corinth Report] Nezi Field excavations 2008, by Matthew J. Baumann and Nathanael J. Andrade (April 7 - April 23): Middle Roman to Modern Contexts in the Area North of Nezi Field, immediately east of the Turkish House

During the first training session of the 2008 season, we conducted excavations for fifteen days between April 7 and April 23, 2008.We worked with Thanasis Notis (pickman), Billy Papanikolao (shovelman), ... from 1020.00 to 1027.80 N and 262.00E to 266.00E ... the area from 1027.80 to

[Corinth Report] Nezi Field excavations 2008, by Anne C. Feltovich, Catherine W. Person and Emily M. Rush (May 5 - June 14): Rooms South of the 1961 Byzantine House Courtyard, Late Roman through Post-Frankish periods

We, Anne Feltovich (ACF) and Catherine Person (CWP) and Emily Rush (EMR), excavated North of Nezi between May 5, 2008 and June 13, 2008, focusing on bringing three rooms down to Middle to Late Byzantine ... 271.12-274.30E, 1026.36-1027.66N; the ... , 1023.57-1027.98N); and the Room Bounded by ... previous session in Room E

[Corinth Report] Nezi Field excavations 2013, by Mohammed Bhatti and Daniel P. Diffendale (May 9 - May 10): 2013 Session 1, Team Pink, Final Summary

Mohammed Bhatti and Daniel P. Diffendale Team Pink, Session 1 Nezi Field Excavations Final Report N 1006 – 1018.00; E 261.01 – 271.28 1–25 April 2013 This is a final summary of the first season of excavation ... robbing trench 1027 was cut to ... of Wall 992 and Cut 1027 ... 1960s, Henry S. Robinson

[Corinth Report] Nezi Field excavations 2010, by Tully, John (May 5 - May 21): 2010 Session II White Team Final Report: Area North of 1961 Byzantine House - west room and southwest corner

North of Nezi 2010 White Second Session Report (John Tully) The following summarizes the results of excavations in two areas north of Nezi field during the second session of the 2010 excavation season ... coordinates 275.01-276.92 E, 1027.53-1028.88 N. This was known as ... coordinates 265.90-270.70 E

[Corinth Report] Nezi Field excavations 2009, by William Bruce, Scott Gallimore (March 30 - April 16): Courtyard of Byzantine house and rooms to north and northwest, Late Roman to Frankish levels

North of Nezi (Green) Report 2009: Scott Gallimore & Will Bruce The following summarizes results of excavations during the first session of 2009 at Corinth in three areas north of Nezi Field in the ... E265.20-E273.50, N1027.85-1035.70, in ... excavated in the 1960s under the direction of H.S. Robinson: the