[Corinth Basket] Nezi Field Context 593: Rubbly Fill in Room west of wall 332

Dina Boero; Jody Cundy ... Deposit 1103 593 0 90% fine-coarse pebbles, many cobbles and roof tile fragments, pottery and bone Top slope of the context is level. Soil color is dark reddish brown. Soil is Compact poorly sorted ... mid-twelfth ... Nezi Field Context 593


[Corinth Basket] Temple E, Southeast Context 593: Cleaning of Northern half of Room 2

Smotherman, D ... Deposit 1109 593 Lot 2015-002 Inclusions all angular: with small ceramics, glass (including tesserae), small worked marble pieces, some charcoal, tile fragments, coarse pebbles. Total inclusions 40%; most ... 1260-1280 ... Temple E, Southeast Context 593

[Corinth Basket] NB950 B118 P193

Deposit 950 118 193 sidewalk surface cooking PRS 1 bs, cooking ware. unid red slip 1 rim chip, fineware. 6 bs, coarseware. 1 frag(s) 0.01 kg. (0% saved) fineware 7 frag(s) 0.09 kg. (0% ... 1st century A.C ... 448.00-447.75E/949.20-950.90N

[Corinth Basket] NB978 B36 P84

Deposit 978 36 84 Crusty patch The matrix of B36 is brown sandy, weakly cemented with 10% pebbles and cobbles. B36 is the removal of a patch to the N of the jar (B34), E of the diamond tile pool and W ... 3rd century BC ... 421.40-420.80E/976.25-977.00N

[Corinth Basket] NB978 B11 P30

Deposit 978 11 30 garden area E of diamond tile pool: loose dark reddish brown sandy silt 5-10% angular stones Basket is the clearing of a bump of soil, which slopes slightly from N to S and is interrupted ... first half ? ... 421.00-420.00E/973.00-977.00N


[Corinth Basket] Temple E, Southeast Context 957: Fill in SE Quadrant

Stiles, K ... Deposit 1110 957 Fine, medium, coarse pebbles, chunks of lime mortar or plaster, small tile fragments Top slope of the context is level. Soil color is dark reddish brown. Soil is Soft moderately sorted ... NPD ... Temple E, Southeast Context 957

[Corinth Basket] NB944 B79 P144

Deposit 944 79 144 Lot 2002-021 cleaning pass archaic kotyle ray-based 1 bs w/ figural deco, fineware. (saved to lot) kotyle plain 1 base, fineware. (saved to lot) burnished cooking 2 bs, cooking ware ... 2002/05/31 ... 418.30-417.00E/950.00-951.00N

[Corinth Basket] NB951 B33 P63

Deposit 951 33 63 Lot 2002-024 Removal of floor underpacking MWJ fabric 1 99 bs, coarseware. (saved to lot) 14 frag(s) 0.02 kg. (0% saved) fineware 139 frag(s) 1.14 kg. (71% saved) coarseware ... 2002/05/23 ... 424.75-422.50E/949.30-954.04N