[Agora Deposit] J 18:6: Pit D

Scanty filling over the top of a pit. Selected fragments. Black figure fragments ... Late 6th to early 5th c. B.C ... Agora XXX, p. 364.

[Agora Deposit] B 12:6: Footing trench

Pit along house wall foundations to south = footing trench. Uncertain context, possibly no later than ca. 425 B.C ... 450-400 B.C ... Agora XXX, p. 359.


[Agora Deposit] L 17:6: Aischines Street Cistern: North Chamber

Cistern with dumped filling, second quarter of 4th c. B.C. Also Lot Φ 187bis (selected coarse). No coins ... Ca. 375-350 B.C ... Agora XXX, p. 364.

[Agora Deposit] A 19:6: Pit

Pits in area 96-100/ΝΕ-ΝΘ (lower east slopes of Hill of the Nymphs, near extreme west edge of excavated area). Shallow pit in bedrock against N. face of wall. dMax. depth 0.20m.d. Many fills in areas ... Ca. 325-300 B.C ... Agora XXX, p. 359.

[Agora Deposit] R 10:6: Pit

Fifth century Pit E of Stoa Room 11 with coarse pottery and a few black-glazed, some with stamping and red-figured pieces ... Ca. 450-425 B.C ... Agora XXX, p. 366.

[Agora Deposit] N 18:6: Pocket

Pocket in bedrock 35/Ε. The filling consisting chiefly of coarse ware and roof tiles; some of the material Archaic, but the deposit as late as the mid-5th c. B.C ... Ca. 500-450 B.C ... Agora XXX, p. 365.


[Agora Deposit] D 17:6: Filling

Hole at 57/ΛΣΤ = Pottery Dump at 57/ΛΣΤ. May well have accumulated on the spot where it was found, its fragmentary state being attributable to the later rubble wall laid over it. Cf. also P 19982 (ΟΟ ... Ca. 400-375 B.C ... Agora XXX, p. 361.

[Agora Deposit] A 20:6: House fillings

Fills from construction and reconstruction of a house. "Brown House" = House A (RSY Hesp. 20) (and pit under Layer 4) in the industrial area west of the Areopagus. Under the original floor of this house ... Second half of the 5th. c. B.C ... Agora XXX, p. 359.