[Corinth Coin] 1977 1243: Copper/Bronze As of Aebutius-Hera, 1 A.D. - 2 A.D.

Corinth ... Aebutius-Hera ... AE Corinth Duoviri AVGVSTVS CORINT Augustus head r., bare Four-line inscription in wreath: P AEBUTS PF / C IVLIO HERA / II VIR QUI / ITER Forum Southwest; Grid 70/B, east room, pelekoudia; Lot 77-244 ... 1 A.D. - 2 A.D ... 1977 1243 ... 1243



Lamp with flat bottom, straight flaring body, broad rim slightly convex, shallow concave disk with two small fill holes, airhole at edge of disk, nozzle enclosed in body. Vertical, solid lug handle; mould ... 2 ... L 4866 ... 4866

[Agora Lot] Α 180: Filling in Northwest Corner of Section A; 44-46/Κ-ΚΑ

3 ... Filling in Northwest Corner of Section A; 44-46/Κ-ΚΑ


[Agora Object] I 432: Prytany Decree Fragment

Fragment from an inscribed stele. Edges broken; back, rough picked, preserved, worked smooth to within ca. 0.10m. of the present bottom of the stone, where a boss-like mass, rough picked, projects. Seventeen ... Late 3rd. or early 2nd. centuries B.C ... I 432 ... I 432 ... Ι 66


[Corinth Object] FP 397: ROMAN STAMPED PAN TILE

Flat pan tile, in so far as preserved. stamp. Rectangular stamp on top: KM[ Coarse tan clay with fine scattered inclusions and a few large (to 9mm) red ones. Fragment. Single frgt., preserving thickness, ... 3 ... FP 397 ... 397


[Agora Object] I 2965: Marble Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Prytany decree. Fragment Β 1522, the lower half of the stele remains, including the tenon. The left side has been broken away up to the edge of the tenon and the face chipped along ... Late 3rd. or early 2nd. centuries B.C ... I 2965 ... I 2965 ... Β 1522

[Agora Object] I 210: Grave Monument

Inscribed block of grave stele. Lower part rough picked for setting; bottom very irregularly finished; left side and back rough picked; narrow smoothed band round top and front edges of top and right side ... Late 3rd. or early 2nd centuries B.C ... ΣΤ' 40 ... I 210 ... I 210


[Corinth Object] C 1936 20: PROTOMAIOLICA BOWL

Bowl with low vertical ring foot, flaring slightly convex sides rising at 45 degrees to outward thickened rim with flattened, inward sloping surface, rounded lip. White slipped interior. In center, large ... 4 ... C 1936 20 ... 20