[Agora Monument] Southeast Temple

Temple, Religious Unknown Marble Fair, foundations and fragments of superstructure ... Late 1st A.D ... Agora


[Agora Monument] Odeion

Assembly, Entertainment Agrippa Marble, Limestone Fair, foundations and parts of superstructure. Late in the 1st century B.C. the Athenians were given money for a new marketplace by Caesar and Augustus, ... Late 1st B.C ... Agora

[Agora Monument] Monument of Quintus Trebellius Rufus

Statue Base Unknown Pentelic Marble Good, Reconstructed from fragments ... 1st A.D ... Agora


[Agora Monument] Library of Pantainos

Library Pantainos Concrete, Marble Fair, lower parts of walls preserved. Lying partially under and behind the Late Roman wall are the remains of a building identified by its inscribed marble lintel block ... 100 A.D ... Agora


[Agora Monument] Northeast Stoa

Unknown Unknown Miscellaneous Reused Material Poor, foundations only ... 1st A.D ... Agora


[Agora Monument] Street to the Roman Agora

Transportation Athenian Demos Marble Paving Good where visible ... 1st A.D ... Agora


[Agora Monument] Southwest Temple

Temple, Religious Unknown Agrileza Marble Poor, foundations and assorted architectural members ... 1st A.D ... Agora