[Agora Object] A 193: Balustrade Cap

Section preserved; both ends broken. Tooled surface. Pentelic marble. Cf. A 194. Found at I/17-11/1 (Fall 2016). Leica ... 1932


[Agora Object] A 194: Balustrade Cap Fragments

Five fragments, some preserve ends and transverse sections of truncated triangular shape. a) End and section preserved; dowel (0.047m. x 0.04m, D. 0.045m.) on bottom at end; cutting for hook clamp (L ... 1932

[Agora Object] A 404: Grill Crown Fragment

Broken at right end, behind and below. Finished with toothed chisel on left end and top. An ovolo surmounted by a plain fascia. Fair work. Pentelic marble. Found in the front of the S.E. corner of the ... 12 May 1934


[Agora Object] A 3308: Parapet Fragment

Of the two adjacent preserved edges one is smooth, the other has a tongue and groove joint. Traces of hydraulic cement on both faces; but not enough remains to show water deposit. From Klepsydra. Tan-colored ... 1961

[Agora Object] A 3618: Fence Post Fragment

Broken at top. worked smooth on front face, left rough-picked on back and sides, bottom also worked smooth. Front face preserves shallow wedge-shaped cutting characteristic of articulation of Eponymoi ... 21 June 1967


[Agora Object] A 3626: Fence Post

Broken at top and along one side. Full width preserved at back. Front has shallow groove tapering toward bottom. Sides have slot for fence rails. Dowel hole in bottom outside edge for doweling to sill ... 31 July 1967


[Agora Object] A 3627: Fence Post

Fragment of poros fence. Broken along one side and recut at top; original surfaces preserved front, back, one side and bottom. Shallow longitudinal groove tapering toward bottom in both front and back ... 31 July 1967

[Agora Object] A 3628: Fence Post

Broken at top; original surface preserved on all other faces. Back rough-picked. Front and sides left slightly rough with smooth band along edges. Sides preserve bottom of first slot for fence rail on ... 31 July 1967