[Agora Lot] ΟΟ 116: Well at 79/ΛΑ in Roman Bath

a) Upper fill. Selected. Glaze fragments; 28 lamp fragments. b) Lower fill. Rims and bases; BHWJ, pitchers et al. c) Lower fill. last two containers ... 1st-2nd A.D.

[Agora Lot] Φ 209: Central House; Room X; Debris over Polygonal Wall Trench at Southeast Corner; Strosis 3 and in Trench of Plundered Polygonal Wall

bowls; Sulla; lagynos; molded glass; Red figure sherd. Many tiles (Φ 1016), fallen brick, pottery 3rd-mid 2nd c. B.C. (cf. Group C) ... Late Hellenistic