[Corinth Basket] Temple E, Southeast Context 965: Cut of Grave 2016-04

Stiles, K ... 1110 965 The cut for Grave 2016-04 was exposed during the excavation of fill level 918. As it was small and oval shpaed, we thought it would be a cut for an infant burial. In excavating the fill (963) ... 11th c.

[Corinth Basket] Temple E, Southeast Context 967: Skeleton Layer of Grave 2016-05

Stiles, K ... Deposit 1110 967 This is the layer of bone on top of skeleton 970. Ther eis a child's cranium in the east end, facing north, but it does not seem to be articulated with other bones. The bones are not lying ... NPD

[Corinth Basket] Temple E, Southeast Context 978: Cut for Grave 2016-06

Stiles, K ... 1110 978 The cut for Grave 2016-06 was found after excavating fill layers 935, 936, 938, and 939 from the area north of structure 23. Fills 936, 938, and 939 essentially defined the cut. In fact 938 may ... 14th

[Corinth Basket] Temple E, Southeast Context 1031: E-W Wall South in Paved Space E of Church

Stiles, K ... Feature 1110 1031 One pilaster used in this wall (at H 85.40) was removed by conservation prior to the consolidation and reconstruction of the wall. The wall was reconstructed prior to our taking of elevations, ... 2016/06/14

[Corinth Basket] Temple E, Southeast Context 1078: Pit cut, NE corner of courtyard, unit 1

Bedingfield, T ... 1112 1078 After cleaning and scraping floor surface surrounding south and west edges of 1078, it seems like that 1078 is a pit that cut through at least one earlier floor (though there may be more, based ... 2017/5/2

[Corinth Basket] Temple E, Southeast Context 1084: S. foundation trench, N. wall in courtyard, unit 1

Bedingfield, T ... 1112 1084 Top slope of the context is level. 1084 cuts through 1085 and confirms that 1085 and any earlier floor surfaces were laid down before the north wall of the unit was built. The bottom of cut 1084 ... 14th c. AD

[Corinth Basket] Temple E, Southeast Context 2002

Kennedy, L ... Deposit 1108 2002 ... 2015/05/05

[Corinth Basket] Temple E, Southeast Context 143: Pit SW of structure 94

Kimmey, S.; LaFleur J. L ... 1108 143 The oval cut was not very clear until the removal of the fill. It is very shallow and does not appear to be cut for a specific purpose. It is somewhat egg shaped; it is more vertial on the long ... 2014/04/23