[Agora Object] P 5564: Bowl Fragment with Maker's Stamp

Ring foot; flaring walls. On the center, inside, within a circular groove, a foot-shaped stamp: Fine red clay and glaze. Western Sigillata. Brown earth, fountain house. Leica, 93-32-19 PD 1171-185, ... 10 May 1935 ... Study Collections-Case No. 50-Κ


[Agora Object] P 5565: Bowl Fragment with Relief Decoration

Piece from the side of a Western Sigillata bowl. In relief, the lower part of a man's figure, left. Scrolls in the field. Fill over fountain house, compact earth. Leica, 93-43-33 ... 10 May 1935 ... Κ 1128

[Agora Object] SS 4014: Stamped Amphora Handle: Thasian

Red clay with a brown surface; the clay is very micaceous, but the particles are small, and the clay fine. Hellenistic fill north of the south foundation of the Stoa. Κυρη[---] Leica ... 10 May 1935 ... Κ 1126


[Agora Object] P 5566: Kantharos Fragment with Relief Decoration

From a kantharos? Tongue-pattern on lower body. Above, rows of dots and garlands. Fine red clay; the glaze somewhat chipped. Western Sigillata. ADDENDA South Gaulish, form Dragendorff 29. Destruction ... 11 May 1935 ... Κ ... Κ:22/ΙΒ


[Agora Object] P 5568: Plate or Bowl Fragment with Relief Decoration

Piece from base of plate or bowl. In high relief, the portrait bust of a young man, profile, facing left. Red glaze. Destruction fill of fountain house. Leica, 93-46-7, VI-24, 85-184 PD 1171-184, PD ... 11 May 1935 ... Κ 1148

[Agora Object] L 1771: Lamp Fragment

Preserved are most of the disk and about half the rim, part of the side and of the nozzle. Broken away at left. In relief, an urn in front of a herm. Thin chocolate-brown glaze. Fine buff clay resembling ... 11 May 1935 ... Κ ... Κ:11/ΙΣΤ