[Agora Deposit] D 16:5: Well I

Abandoned digging at 6.25m. due to water level. Tile well could be associated with a bit of late Roman wall to the south, with floor level about one meter above that of pebble floor. Well tiles were not ... 14-22 April 1948 ... Well I

[Agora Deposit] B 18:11: Pit

Pit in House T, Room 3 (through layer 6), in the industrial area west of Areopagus. Very likely pit may have been respectable archaic context, but nothing to go on beyond the two catalogued pieces (LT ... Ca. 500-480 B.C ... B 18:11 ... B 18:11

[Agora Deposit] E 17:1: Well

Use filling of early to late 2nd c. A.D., and dumped filling of late 2nd c. Coins: 16 April 1948 #1-#6 17 April 1948 #5 28 April 1948 #1 ... POU 2nd c. A.D ... E 17:1 ... E 17:1

[Agora Deposit] B 18:15: Pit

House N, room 6=House T: Pit with Kalikia in Room 2W. Roughly rectangular pit, length 7.10m., possibly dug to obtain clay for flooring in nearby houses ... Ca. 500-480 B.C ... B 18:15 ... B 18:15

[Agora Deposit] H 13:1: Well in Road West of Middle Stoa

Located in road west of Middle Stoa. It was 4.80m deep. Owing to its shallowness, it was probably kept clean. The southernmost block of the N-S peribolos (?) wall west of the Middle Stoa partly covered ... 200-165 B.C ... H 13:1 ... H 13:1