[Agora Object] I 5898: Honorary Monument Fragment

Inscribed fragment from the top of a small monument base or stele. Rough picked back; part of rough picked top, but not edge of moulding at front, and inscribed face preserved. Part of two lines of the ... 15 August 1942

[Agora Object] PNT 149: Columnar Figurine

Head and both arms broken away. Fine, buff clay. Traces of white slip on upper part. Hand made. Trunk solid, cylindircal; chest flat on both sides; base rises in the middle and is drawn to a beak on our ... Date uncertain.

[Agora Object] T 2265: Female Figurine Fragment

Head with bit of drapery at right. Broken all around. Incision for features and hair. Pinkish-buff clay. Late Roman. Picked up in section. Leica ... July 1942


[Agora Object] S 1197: Relief Fragment with Horse and Rider

Fragment from small relief with left side and rough-picked back preserved. Back half of horse, part of drapery and right leg of rider preserved; legs and feet of horse, foot of rider missing. A deep cross ... July 1942