[Agora Object] P 11461: Bowl

The bottom and about one-quarter of the rim and wall preserved; restored in plaster. Ring foot; curving sides; flat projecting rim; horizontal handles pressed up against rim. At the center of the floor ... 7 April 1937

[Agora Object] P 11462: Plate: Cooking Ware

A few fragments of floor and wall missing. Shallow flat-bottomed dish, like a rather large pie-plate; horizontal projecting rim. Coarse red clay, much burned. Surface to 1.25m. Cistern, layer I, 1st.-2nd ... 7 April 1937

[Agora Object] P 11463: Pot

Fragmentary; the bottom preserved, nearly half the rim; and a small part of the wall; nothing of handle. Squat pot, broader below than above; flattened bottom; wide mouth with thickened lip, out-turned ... 7 April 1937

[Agora Object] P 11464: Plate Fragment with Stamped Decoration

Small fragment from a flat red plate stamped on its floor with leaves. Coarse red clay, unglazed. An intruder? Cistern, layer I, 1st.-2nd. c. A.D. Leica ... 8 April 1937

[Agora Object] P 11465: Saucer

The bottom preserved, and about one-third of the rim. Small plate on ring foot; sloping floor; out-turned rim. Coarse red clay, unglazed. Cistern, layer I, 1st.-2nd. c. A.D. Leica PD 1171-158, PD 2262-178d ... 8 April 1937

[Agora Object] P 11466: Oinochoe

Handle missing, fragments from walls and most of foot. Ring foot; eggy body, wheelridged; trefoil lip. Pinkish-buff clay. Cistern, layer I, 1st.-2nd. c. A.D. Leica, LXI-21 ... 8 April 1937

[Agora Object] P 11467: Bowl

Profile complete; walls fragmentary. Restored in plaster. Shallow flat-bottomed bowl; curving walls, keeled rim. Red glaze, much peeled. Cistern, layer I, 1st.-2nd. c. A.D. Leica ... 8 April 1937

[Agora Object] P 11468: Jug

Bottom, handle, most of lip and much of wall missing. Partially restored in plaster. Plump jug, the point of greatest circumference near the middle. Narrow flaring neck-mouth. Ribbed, coarseware; red ... 8 April 1937