[Agora Object] P 21564: Krater

Mended from many pieces; almost half of the bowl, with one handle, preserved. Nothing of the base remains. Restored in plaster. Deep broad-bodied vase with out-turned lip and band handle from lip. Rim ... 16 June 1951


[Agora Object] P 21591: Kylix

Mended from many pieces; preserved about half of upper part including handle and foot. Slightly out-turned rim, handle nearly round in section; spreading foot, hollow in center below. A hole below rim ... LH III A-B


[Agora Object] P 21592: Kylix

Mended from many pieces. Fragments of rim and walls missing. Slightly offset rim, thick stem, spreading foot, a ridge at its upper limit; hollow at center underneath; band handle. Dull steaky brownish ... LH III A-B

[Agora Object] P 21593: Tankard

Over half of upper part and fragments from lower walls and bottom missing; restored in plaster. Concave wall profile; the bottom slightly convex. Just above the middle, a light raised ridge around the ... 16 June 1951

[Agora Object] P 21594: Amphora

Mended from many pieces. Parts of one handle, with the adjacent neck part and large fragments from walls missing. Thickened rim, high nearly straight neck, spherical body, narrow very low base, handles ... 16 June 1951

[Agora Object] P 21595: Jug

Mended from many pieces. Partially restored in plaster; a few pieces do not join. Profile to shoulder given; also part of rim with root of handle in a non-joining fragment. Slightly projecting rim, sloping ... 16 June 1951