[Corinth Object] L 3598: LAMP TYPE VI

Black glaze ... L 3598 ... 3598

[Agora Object] L 3598: Lamp Fragment

Part of nozzle and a bit of body preserved. Concave or flat bottom; rounded wall with low shoulder ending in plain lip. Unglazed; pared. Unbridged nozzle. Hard fine clay, pinkish to brown. Type 15 of ... 23 May-3 June 1938 ... L 3598 ... L 3598

[Agora Object] P 25534: Moldmade Vessel Fragment

Shoulder fragment with start of neck. Wheelmade above, moulded (long petals) below. Poor black glaze worn, both inside and out; from a wide-mouthed amphora? Cistern, lower fill. Box 263c. Leica ... 25-29 February 1936 ... ΠΘ 3598