[Agora Object] P 765: Lekythos

Mended at neck. Broad flat foot, projecting slightly; squat body. Very small lekythos. Thin grayish-black to brown glaze, much peeled. Pocket in stereo (well). Leica, 82-25 ... 14 May 1932 ... Lekythos

[Agora Object] PNP 512: Lekythos

Squat lekythos with vertical ribs. Bit of wall and foot only. Ring foot the outer face and the resting surface reserved; a reserve band at the outer edge inside the foot. Impressed decoration on wall: ... Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 16448: Lekythos

Part of foot and fragments of body missing. Heavy angular ring foot; walls nearly vertical. A light offset on the shoulder. Glazed black all over except for underside of foot, and a band around body just ... May, June 1939 ... Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 25519: Lekythos

Handle and neck missing. Shape similar to the red figured lekythos P 25510 (ΠΘ 3574). Body glazed black; shoulder reserved, with short strokes and broad rays. Body dented at back, and glaze much grayed ... 10 November 1955 ... Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 10350: Lekythos

Repaired. Part of foot and sides missing. No ornament discerned, except glazed lip, rays on shoulder, stripe just below shoulder. ADDENDA Probably from the workshop of the Diosphos Painter. [E. Haspels] ... 24 March 1936 ... Lekythos


[Agora Object] AP 950: Lekythos

Part of small lekythos showing lower part of three figures. Top and base gone. Oscar Broneer, Nb. No. 4. Well Z. 103; 130 ... 15 May 1937 ... Lekythos


[Agora Object] I 7031: Lekythos

Inscribed lekythos. Neck and handle broken off. Foot missing. In relief four figures. Seated woman shakes hands with standing woman. Between them a baby. Behind standing woman a smaller standing female ... Lekythos


[Agora Object] I 7032: Lekythos

Inscribed lekythos. Neck and handle missing. Foot missing. In relief three figures. Standing woman shaking hands with seated woman. A third woman behind chair. White marble. Catalogued September 1967 ... Lekythos