[Agora Object] P 15264: Black Glaze Lekythos

Mended from many pieces; small fragments missing, and surface partly peeled. Plump shoulder lekythos, junction of wall and shoulder rounded. Deep echinus mouth, broad flaring ring foot. Covered with ... 25 May 1939 ... Black Glaze Lekythos

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 1113

Flaring ring foot; flat resting surface. Plump body tapering to foot. Junction of shoulder and wall rounded; echinus mouth. Reserved: under foot and edge of foot, shoulder, neck and inside of handle, inside ... 550-525 B.C ... Black and Plain Pottery | Lekythos | Shoulder Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 7106: Ostrakon of Dionysios (Kor)onou

From a red-glazed pot (lekythos?). Incised outside: 'Street'. Leica ... 27 March 1936 ... From a red-glazed pot (lekythos?). Incised outside:

[Agora Object] P 5266: Black Glaze Lekythos

Squat lekythos. Mended from several pieces; a large chip missing from the base. Squat lekythos with ring foot, narrow neck, flaring lip and one vertical strap handle. Entirely glazed save for reserved ... 4 April 1935 ... Black Glaze Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 16448: Lekythos

Part of foot and fragments of body missing. Heavy angular ring foot; walls nearly vertical. A light offset on the shoulder. Glazed black all over except for underside of foot, and a band around body just ... May, June 1939 ... Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 10548: Black Glaze Lekythos

Complete; black glaze over all, except for a reserved band with running dog below lower handle attachment. Well. Leica, 82-172 ... 26 May 1937 ... Black Glaze Lekythos


[Agora Object] P 2331: Black Glaze Lekythos

Spout and bit of neck zone missing. Globular body. Three reserved bands below shoulder. Bottom reserved. Good glaze. Ring foot bevelled beneath. Well; uniform Greek fill. Leica, 82-172, 5-137 ... 4 April 1933 ... Black Glaze Lekythos

[Agora Object] P 23262: Black Glaze Lekythos

Mended from several pieces; foot chipped. Ring base with narrow resting surface; squat body; narrow shoulder; spreading neck, low step down. Three reserved bands around shoulder with running dog in central ... 11 May 1953 ... Black and Plain Pottery | Lekythos | Squat Lekythos | Patterned