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Tyranny As happened in many other Greek states, a tyrant arose in Athens in the 6th century B.C. His name was Peisistratos, and after several unsuccessful attempts he seized power in 546 B.C. and ruled ... black-figure lekythos (oil

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The Athenian Army From the very beginning, the Athenians were compelled to fight for their new democracy. Their dramatic victories over the Boiotians and Chalkidians in 506 B.C. led many to attribute Athenian ... (Attic) red-figure lekythos

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Books Hesperia Newsletter Author Resources Rights / Permissions Contact Us Home > Publications > Hesperia Hesperia Open Access The ASCSA has made all Hesperia articles from 1932 to 2011 available ... Persian Empire on the Lekythos ... so-called lekythos of Xenophantos