[Agora Deposit] C 18:5: Well

Near the Poros Enclosure. Diameter 0.76m. water level -1.20m. Plain shaft sunk in the stereo ... 14-22 July 1947

[Agora Deposit] C 18:2: Well

Stratified well. Coins: 22 July 1947 #1 Subdivisions: .1=top to -5.20m. .2=5.20-7.80m. .3=7.80-10.30m ... Second half 1st-early 3rd c. A.D.

[Agora Deposit] C 18:7: Pit with Stony Fill

Construction filling of the Poros Building west of the Areopagus. Patch of stony fill beneath the courtyard. Accumulation of the second quarter of the 5th c., deposited in the last quarter ... Ca. 475-450 B.C. and later