[Agora Deposit] D 16:1: Cistern A

Cistern (diameter 0.90m) with two channels; the fill of the cistern proper, below the scant upper (Byzantine) deposit, appears to have been dumped all at the same time, to 325-275 B.C. Notebook says "all ... 325-275 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] D 16:5: Well I

Abandoned digging at 6.25m. due to water level. Tile well could be associated with a bit of late Roman wall to the south, with floor level about one meter above that of pebble floor. Well tiles were not ... 14-22 April 1948


[Agora Deposit] D 16:4: Urn cremation

Grave 3: (Grave XXVII: EG). Urn cremation (trench-and-hole), adult male. Carbonized figs and grapes included in inventoried objects (no number). [JP] "Craftsman-Warrior" tomb: combination of weapons and ... Early Geometric I


[Agora Deposit] D 16:2: Urn cremation

Grave 1 (Grave XXVI: EG) Urn cremation (trench-and-hole), adult male? [JP] Boots or Booties Grave. Near the west branch of the Great Drain, about 100m to the southwest of the Agora horos inscription ... Early Geometric I

[Agora Deposit] D 16:7: Well

Tiled well cleared only to a depth of 6.60m. where fallen tiles and broken bedrock made further work impossible. So far as dug, a dumped filling as late as the 6th c. A.D. Coins: 16 May 1949 #2 18 May ... As late as 6th c. A.D.