[Agora Object] A 1372: Cornice Fragment: Doric

Broken at back and sides; edges of molding broken away. Top much worn: tramped on in some reuse. One original edge of mutule preserved, and approximately full depth, with three row of guttae, of which ... 22 April 1948

[Agora Object] P 19351: Black Glaze Cup Kantharos: West Slope

One fragment preserves the foot and stem, about half the lower wall, one handle root, and the start of the upper wall. Medium to low stem; inverted echinus foot, with grooved resting surface. On the lower ... 7-8 April 1948

[Agora Object] P 19354: Kantharos: West Slope

Missing two-thirds of the rim and wall, half of one handle and all but the roots of the other. Restored in plaster. Cylindrical type; plain spreading foot with scraped groove on resting surface. Strap ... 7-8 April 1948

[Agora Object] P 19355: Kantharos: West Slope

Handleless kantharos. Mended from many pieces. Missing all of the rim, most of the upper wall and much of the lower. Restored in plaster. High flaring upper wall, inset, separated by a moulding from the ... 7-8 April 1948

[Agora Object] P 19358: Black Glaze Salt Cellar

Nearly half of rim and base and part of wall missing. Slightly flaring walls; base and rim set on at a right angle; widely projecting; rim rather rounded on top. Glazed over all, good but rather chipped ... 7-8 April 1948

[Agora Object] P 19362: Black Glaze Bowl: Type C

Intact but for chips from base. Convex side wall; ring foot with grooved resting surface. Glazed over all save for flat part of resting surface. Glaze fired red and gray in places. Cf. Agora XII, no ... 7-8 April 1948

[Agora Object] P 19364: Plate: Type E

Intact but for minor chips. Rim horizontal, with two grooves. Two deep grooves in outer surface of wall. Plain ring foot, unfinished beneath. Reddish glaze wash on floor only. Cistern A. 4th. c. B.C ... 7-8 April 1948

[Agora Object] P 19222: Black Glaze Askos: Double-Bodied

Fragment from one side, part of one spout and most of the other, and the handle, missing. Double conical body on broad ring foot; the upper body rising steeply to a central peak; a moulded ring around ... 8 April 1948