[Corinth Monument] Captives' Facade

An ornate two story facade located in front of the early basilica flanks the Lechaion Road between the North Shops and the Monumental Gate. The upper story consisted of a row of six larger-than-life-size ... larger-than-life-size figures standing ... figures. They may have been


[Corinth Monument] Aghioi Theodoroi

A village to the east of the Isthmus. Northwest of the city of Ag. Theodoroi, in 1961, archaeologists unearthed the ruins of ancient Krommyona. Important discoveries were made like a statue of Apollo, ... Apollo, many black-figured


[Corinth Monument] Punic Amphora Building

The Punic Amphora Building was a commercial establishment located near a busy intersection of three roads. Dating to the mid-5th century B.C., the building contained many tons of fragments of transport ... types (figure 77). Of the

[Corinth Monument] Kokkinovrysi

Literally “Red Spring”, Kokkinovrysi is located at the west end of the lower terrace on which the city of Ancient Corinth stood. The spring is just outside the line of the ancient wall beside a road running ... Literally “Red Spring”, Kokkinovrysi is located at the west ... dance around a central figure


[Corinth Monument] East of Theater

A series of buildings flanking the street descending the terrace immediately to the east of the theater was excavated in the 1980’s by C. K. Williams II. Two of the buildings (Buildings 1 and 3) were food ... containing a small figure of a


[Corinth Monument] Lechaion Road

The main north-south artery (cardo maximus) of the Roman city ultimately linked the Agora of Corinth with the harbor of Lechaion on the Corinthian gulf 3 kilometers to the north. In the time of Augustus, ... adorned with colossal figures