[Agora Report] Investigations in the Area of the Tholos 1937

Homer A. Thompson ... An overview of the work carried out in the area of the Tholos in 1937. The 6th century B.C. accumulation was stripped away revealing a complex of foundation walls, of limestone polygonal construction, ... 5 Apr 1937-21 Jul 1947 ... houses. Black-figured pottery


[Agora Report] Section Φ Season of 1937

Eugene Vanderpool ... In antiquity the area included in Section Φ lay outside the Agora proper and were apparently occupied only by houses and small buildings. The earliest period of which any considerable remains were found ... 25 Jan-17 Jun 1937 ... black-figured and red-figured pottery


[Agora Report] ΚΚ Excavation Report 1936

Dorothy Burr Thompson ... Section ΚΚ, the area inside the modern fence around the so-called Theseion, was cleared to bedrock in order to determine the entire history of that portion of Kolonos Agoraios. Excavation revealed that ... 10 Feb-13 Mar 1936 ... extremely fine fragments from red figure and black figure vases,


[Agora Report] Preliminary Report on the 2012 Excavation Season

John McK. Camp II ... Excavations were carried out in four areas during the 2012 season: three in the area of the Painted Stoa at the northwest corner of the Agora (sections ΒΗ, ΒΖ, ΒΘ), and one in the Panthenaic Way (section ... 11 Jun-3 Aug 2012 ... complete black-figured lekythos,

[Corinth Report] 2015 Session II, Corridor N of Church and Room 6

Wesley Bennett and Lucas Stephens Session II Temple E Southeast Excavations Corridor North of Church: 1075-1078.5 N, 121.5-129.5 E Room 6: 1077-1085 N, 116.85-120.7 E 04-22.05.2015 This is the summary ... 6 Figuring out the

[Corinth Report] Session 3 2013 White: Late Classical to Frankish Strata in NE Nezi Field

Alison Fields and Jessica Lamont Team White, Session 3 Nezi Field Excavations Interim Report Area 1: N-S 1016.05-1011.70, E-W 274.18-278.91 Area 2: N-S 1009.51-1005.94, E-W 278.90-271.47 May 27-June 14 ... hoplite figures; two miniature ... contained a rim of African Red ... 1245 into the red

[Corinth Report] Kosmopoulos Material From the National Archaeological Museum at Athens Returned to Ancient Corinth Museum

Anna Belza, PhD Candidate University of Cincinnati ASCSA Corinth Museum Project Volunteer Fall 2020–Spring 2021 Project: Alice Leslie Walker Kosmopoulos, repatriation of Prehistoric material from the National ... wares (e.g., red slipped ... Standard matt painted figure 8

[Corinth Report] 2009 Excavation summary

Katie Rask, Marty Wells ASCSA Corinth Excavations End of Season Report Blue Team North of Nezi The following is a summary of the excavations carried out in the area north of Nezi field during the 2009 ... figure-eight-shaped pit is visible in the