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Church of the Holy Apostles Several churches were removed following the excavation of the modern neighborhoods overlying the Agora. The Church of the Holy Apostles, because of its early date, was deemed ... churches in the area. Figure 67 ... ca. A.D. 1000. Figure 68 ... Holy Apostles. Figure 69.

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History of the Excavations Some of the Agora monuments have never been fully buried and were explored by the Archaeological Society starting in the 19th century: the Stoa of Attalos (1859–1862, 1874, and ... Humanities Institute. Figure 71 ... view from the north. Figure ... west. Figure 73. Panorama of

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Boundary Stones and House of Simon the Cobbler Inscribed marble posts were used to mark the entrances to the Agora wherever a street led into the open square. Two have been found in situ, inscribed with ... Figure 23. Agora boundary ... Tholos, ca. 500 B.C. Figure 24 ... in Figure 23, except all

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Southwest Fountain House Closer to the agora proper a row of five public buildings lined the south side of the square in the Classical period (Fig. 29, 36). They comprise several important monuments, though ... south. Figure 29. Cutaway view ... Figure 36. South side of the ... 350–325 B.C. Figure 30. Model

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Bouleuterion Just uphill from the Tholos was the Bouleuterion, meeting place of the boule, or senate. Five hundred Athenian citizens were chosen by lot to serve for a year, and met in this building every ... every ten days. Figure 17 ... the Metroon. Figure 18.

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Royal Stoa On the west side, lying just south of the Panathenaic Way, are the remains of the Royal Stoa (Stoa Basileios), one of the earliest and most important of the public buildings of Athens (Figs ... building. Figure 61. Actual state ... city. Figure 62 ... (Pollux 8.86) Figure 63

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Library of Pantainos Lying partially under and behind the Late Roman wall are the remains of a building identified by its inscribed marble lintel block as the Library of Pantainos, dedicated to Athena ... 45). Figure 43. Plan of the ... 100. Figure 44. The north ... Gate of Athena. Figure 45.

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Southeast Fountain House The slight traces just south of the Church of the Holy Apostles have been identified as the remains of an early fountain house (Figs. 33, 34). The identification is based on a ... Olympian Zeus. Figure 33. Actual ... century B.C. Figure 34. Model ... Figure 35. Juncture of