Α 180Filling in Northwest Corner of Section A; 44-46/Κ-ΚΑ27 Feb 19323 
 ΜΜ 328 15 Mar 1939Early 1st A.D. 
 ΟΟ 770Bath East of Poros Building; Between Piscina in Room A8 and Outermost East-West Wall; Under Firm Level20 Jun 1968Early 1st A.D. 
 ΟΟ 738Great Drain; Elliptical Tile Drain in It; Gravel below Elliptical Tile Drain in Great Drain Early 1st A.D. 
 ΩΔ 98 22 May 1946Early 1st A.D. 
 ΩΔ 26 6 Jun 193812 A.D. 
 Ζ 748Broken Pithos at 30/Κ24 Mar 193312 A.D. 
 ΟΟ 776Bath East of Poros Building; Circular Building; Inside Circular Building; Stone Packing under Mosaic Floor6 Jul 19681st half of 1st A.D.