Ζ 267Tholos Trench F; Layer IV; With Dug Bedrock and Poros Chips14 Jun 1937Late 5th B.C. 
 Ζ 268Tholos Trench F; Layer IVa14 Jun 1937Late 6th - Early 5th B.C. 
 Ζ 322Tholos Trench H; Layer V14 Jun 1937Early 5th B.C. 
 Ζ 323Tholos Trench H; Layer VI14 Jun 1937Early 5th B.C. 
 Ζ 334Tholos Trench H; Packing to West of West Curb14 Jun 1937Second Quarter of 5th B.C. 
 N 19531Athens, 1st c. B.C., bronze14 June 19371st c. B.C. 
 N 19532Athens, 229-30 B.C. 1st c. B.C.14 June 1937229-30 B.C. 1st c. B.C. 
 N 19533 14 June 1937