J 7:3Lekythos Deposit9-12 May 19515th c. B.C. 
 T 21:3Bedrock on Line of Early (Archaic) Peribolos Wall29 May 1959Early 2nd c. B.C. 
 T 21:2Pocket on the Line of the Early (Archaic) Peribolos Wall at Entrance, on the South Side29 May 19593rd quarter 4th c. B.C. 
 R 13:5Well20-30 May 1933Ca. 420-390 B.C. 
 E 14:14Cutting in Bedrock15 June 1935450-425 B.C- Late Roman disturbance 
 T 18:4North of Eleusinion: Loose fill in pit outside Roman Building26/06/19596th c. B.C. and earlier. 
 T 18:2Well AB in ΕΛ9-11 July 1959Second quarter of the 6th century B.C.