Ζ 469Tholos Trench U; Layer (c)14 March 1938Second Quarter of 6th B.C. 
 Ζ 404Tholos Trench M; Firm Earth Along South Side of Tholos Drain 1, from Along its Poros Blocks24 February 1938Second Half of 5th B.C. 
 ΞΞ 27East of Polygonal Wall; Layer V; Floor Layer7 August 1946First Half of 5th B.C. 
 Η 82Mycenaean Chamber Tomb Under North Side of Temple of Ares and Vicinity1951  
 ΚΚ 78Theseion Precinct; Filling to Bedrock; West Side; 52/ΞΑ; Hole with Marble Chips7 April 1936Early 5th B.C. 
 Ν 139Above 4th B.C. Hole; Layer II11 March 1952Late 4th B.C. 
 Δ 105Area of Conglomerate Wall A; Fill adjacent to Wall A16-21 Jul 2010Classical 
 Σ 710Around Early Rubble House Walls and White Poros Wall; Fill Between Spur Walls25 May 1951Late 5th c. B.C. (?)- early 4th c. B.C.