Agora Object: P 15844
Inventory Number:   P 15844
Section Number:   ΟΑ 1065
Title:   Red Figure Oinochoe Fragment
Category:   Pottery
Description:   The lower body, mended from many pieces; nothing of the foot preserved. On the interior is a dull black glaze wash (the only example of the series which shows any signs of waterproofing inside). For the shape, cf. P 15840 and P 15841.
Ornament: below the scene a band of maeanders intercepted at intervals of 2, 3 or 4 by checkerboard squares; the band runs right around the vase. At the back, beneath the handle, a broad palmette and volute ornament, with an acanthus leaf to either side of a central palmette which rests on the lower border.
Figured scene: A quadriga galloping left; legs or hooves of four horses preserved, the lower halves of both chariot wheels with traces of the chariot, and also an end of flying drapery (bordered Doric chiton) belonging to its occupant. Below the horses' hooves, three dolphins leaping, two left, one right, among wave crests, these indicated by groups of concentric curves painted over the glaze in a color now vanished (white?). Just above the lower border is a row of small dots in added clay. No subsidiary figures.
Technique: relief contours throughout except for the ornament. Inner drawing in fine firm black line, much of it relief line. Note that the white wave crests are in some cases drawn over the dolphins' bodies, so that the latter were seen in part through the waves. Excellent glaze, careful and spirited work.
Context:   Oinochoe deposit.
Notebook Page:   2516
Negatives:   Leica, XXIV-52, XXIV-53, 81-539
Dimensions:   P.H. ca. 0.09; Diam. (base of figured scene) 0.102
Date:   12-15 April 1939
Section:   ΟΑ
Deposit:   U 26:1
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   Lezzi-Hafter (1976), p. 118, no. O 30, pl. 171:c, d.
    Hesperia 31 (1962), no. 9, pl. 30:9.
    Agora XXX, no. 817, pl. 84.
Is Similar To:   Agora:Object:P 15840
    Agora:Object:P 15841
References:   Publication: Agora XXX
Publication: Hesperia 31 (1962)
Publication Page: Agora 30, s. 274, p. 255
Publication Page: Agora 30, s. 395, p. 376
Publication Page: Agora 30, s. 522
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Object: Agora XXX, no. 817
Deposit: U 26:1
Card: P 15844
Card: P 15844